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Judd and Jolie Bnei Mitzvot
An exquisite celebration of the bar mitzvah of a brother and sister who lost their parents... But their grandparents decided to make an extraordinary celebration and flew with their extended family from South Africa to have the festivities near the holiest place - the Western Wall and at the Aish haTorah restaurant overlooking the old city of Jerusalem
Bar Mitzvah Lior
Bar Mitzvah of Liora near the Western Wall in Jerusalem
Baptism Hanna and Maria
Brother and sister's Baptism in an old Scottish temple in Tiberias, followed by a dinner at a wonderful restaurant with a view of the Sea of Galilee
Monder's Baptism
A joyful christening ceremony for the baby in an old Greek temple in the heart of Nazareth. It was a cheerful and cozy atmosphere, and the bold baby made the ceremony a great success. The celebration continued with a cozy family dinner and a festive cake at the parents' villa
Melnik Family
A photo session of the whole extended family who came to visit Jerusalem and create memorable photographs
Maternity - Polina and Nachum
Capturing family stories and the anticipation of welcoming new life brings great joy. This photo session took place in the beautiful mountains around Jerusalem, where they love to spend time together
Brit Milah
A very heartfelt and pleasant family celebration took place at the local synagogue
Julia with her son
Adam's Bar Mitzvah
Bar mitzvah with a photo session in the old city of Jerusalem, before the ceremony at the Western Wall
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